Polito’s Pizza

311 N 3rd Street, Wausau, WI 54403, USA

About Polito’s Pizza

4.5 / 5

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May 10, 2022

Is it really that hard to take a simple order, that's been placed a couple a days in a row, but seem to always mess it up. Then when I sent my husband to pick up the sandwich you messed up (after calling you to let you know what was missing etc), you wouldn't allow him to speak period! (Guy with beard and longer brown hair in pony tail.) All my husband was trying to do was order fries to go with the sandwich & he was accompanied by our son in law who's a soldier serving in the US Army who was on leave for his daughters birthday, he as well wanted to place a order. But you wouldn't even allow them to do anything because you were frustrated for some reason or another and other customers present even saw your 'show'. So my husband not being a argumentative man over food....they both took their business elsewhere. You not only lost a loyal customer, but several all because of that man, 1 employee. Who made sure to say, "I'm not making any more sandwiches!" with a attitude as my husband was trying to place the order for fries that he was going to pay for silly. My husband was completely & utterly shocked, as was I when they returned home with different food from somewhere else.. Our money is just as good there as anywhere else. So instead of making more money that afternoon, you lost out on money... That another restaurant got. Normally the man I'm referring to is nice and humorous, not sure what his problem was. He wasn't the person to take my original order at the counter, that was a young man. I took the food and left once it was given to me. Got home, then made the discovery that one of the sandwiches wasn't complete. It really wasn't a difficult order. 2 Italian beefs, with cheese, green bell pepper, mushrooms and onion, as well as doubled dipped or as the man put it, "double poured".. As they don't dip the sandwiches there. Geesh. We're all human.. We will have bad days, but to take it out on a posting customer..... How rude and unprofessional.

Jenny Arrowood
January 18, 2022

Did dine in and take out! Can never go wrong with their pizza and garlic knots. We did the 2 slices 2 sodas and a garlic knot for 13$ (plus tax) and I had ordered a 20" pizza to go. The staff is always friendly.

Kim Hackbarth
February 02, 2022

There was much variety in slices when we arrived so was a little disappointed. The kids and I decided to share a 14" Mac and cheese Pizza instead so all was good. Mac and Cheese is a favorite. Hopefully next time I will be able to get one of my favorites and the boys their Mac and Cheese .

L. W.
March 11, 2022

Great selection and variety. If they don't have it available, they will make it available. Just ask!

Nick Lafonte
December 17, 2021

Polito's is by far the best pizza in Wausau. Now I could be a little bias because I grew up in NJ and their style of pizza, the decor, and the flavors all remind me of Jersey. I also truly love being able to get pizza by the slice.

Polito’s Pizza

Our Address

311 N 3rd Street, Wausau, WI 54403, USA

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